Cedar Middle School PowerSchool






Welcome to the Cedar Middle School’s PowerSchool for Parents. This information

will get you started using PowerSchool. PowerSchool for Parents is easy to use

and will allow you take a more active role in your child's education. PowerSchool

offers parents real-time access to grades, attendance and class information.

You can even e-mail teachers or ask for automatic updates on your student's

progress and view the school bulletin. The PowerSchool link is available anywhere

in the world, just by logging into the Internet. All information is secure and

information about your child is only available to you. Parent activation codes will

be sent home on Monday, September 13th. If you don’t receive an activation code

please contact the main office.



Tips and Items to Consider:


Ø      Blue words are hyperlinks. By clicking on them, you can find more detailed information.


Ø      Keep your username and password in a safe place. Your password protects your information.

    Do not share it with anyone.


Ø      Please be patient when waiting for grades to be submitted. It is not realistic to expect teachers

    to enter grades the same day an assignment is due.


Ø      Changes in your child’s grade may seem to occur rapidly. The grade book instantly recalculates

    the overall grade based on every assignment entered. Please contact your child’s teacher if you

    have concerns.


Ø      Teachers use different grading techniques and policies. Please check with the teacher if you are

     unsure of the grading policy.



Here is a brief description of each option


Ø      Grades and Attendance: Displays the current quarter grade, last week’s and this week’s attendance, and the current attendance totals for the year. You can access teacher comments and course descriptions from this screen.


Ø      Grades History: Displays all previous grades for the current year.


Ø      Attendance History: Displays attendance for the current year.


Ø      Email Notification: Parents can request various email notifications.


Ø      Teacher Comments: Displays all current teacher comments.


Ø      School Bulletin: Displays school bulletin items/announcements.




Grades and Attendance


On this screen, you will find a complete listing of all your student's classes, teachers, current

grade averages and attendance information.


By clicking on the teacher's name, you can send an email to your child's teacher. Remember,

your computer must be set up to send e-mails from your browser. Contact your Internet

service provider for help with this feature.


The blue links (letter grades and % scores) give you more information about your child's current

average grade. If you click on any of these links, it will take you to another screen (Class Score

Detail) that displays a list of individual assignments, projects, and class information. Click

on the underlined blue links to find out the details for the assignment. Please note that not

every assignment will have a description. In addition, a description of the course will be listed on

the top of the screen. If a score for an individual assignment is blue, click on the score to see a

comment about the individual score recorded by the teacher.


The date at the bottom of the screen shows you the last time the information was updated. 


Review the bottom of the screen for a list of codes used in the gradebook.


To return to the first screen at any time, simply click on the Grades and Attendance icon at

the top of the screen.


The Grades and Attendance screen also shows when your child was tardy or absent. Click

on the numbers in blue to find out the days in which your son or daughter was late or absent.

At CMS, attendance is taken in each class period thus attendance data will appear for each class. 



Teacher Comments 


The Teacher Comments screen allows you to view any comments that teachers may have submitted

for your child. From here, you are able to view your child's current schedule and his/her teachers.

As with the Grades and Attendance screen, you can click the teacher name to send an e-mail to them.


Grades History


The Grades History screen allows you to view a list of all grades that your child has earned to date.

In one sense, this view is essentially a report card screen. In this view, you are able to see the

letter grade and percentage grade. You may click on the grade to see the detail listing of scores

that makeup the final grade.